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S 760 4th Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11232 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Phone: (718)832-8900 Store Hours: ( hours are 11am -7pm ) Fax: (718)768-2764 Monday. -Friday. 6:00am -10:00pm Saturday & Sunday. 8:00am -9:00pm WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, EBT & WIC BILL PAYMENT CENTER, !!!free Delivery Service!!! Saturday Sunday ATM AVAILABLE, PLAY LOTTO www.ctownsupermarkets.com Apr. 28 Country Fresh, Family Pack, Skinless CheCk out our website for Coupons and so muCh more! Sale StartS friday 29 30 m monday a y 041-436 tueSday wedneSday thurSday 1 2 3 4 BOnElESS CHiCKEn BREASt With Add’l $40 PurchAse 1 99 2 69 2 99 lb. lb. Western Grain Fed, Fresh BABY BACK PORK RiBS u.S.D.A. Choice Beef 12 2 ¢ 99 PlAntAinS $ for CilAntRO Bunch BOttOM ROunD ROASt •Deep purple EGGPlAnt Fresh •Green •Yellow SquASH Florida, Fresh Granola (11.3 Oz. Bag); Protein Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate Almond, Cinnamon Pecan, Protein, Vanilla Almond, Chocolatey Delight, Oat & Honey, Fruit & Yogurt, Red Berries, or Original lb. KEllOGG’S SPECiAl K CEREAl 10.8-13.1 Oz. Boxes 2 3 30 Oz. JAR 99 •Carolina •Canilla RiCE 20 lb. Bag •Mazola CORn Oil 128 Oz. Btl. Your CHoICe With add’l $125 Purchase FRee $ Corn, Canola, or GOYA tOMAtO SAuCE 8 Oz. Can With add’l $45 Purchase 99 $ ¢ lb. With add’l $10 Purchase 10 1 $ FOR CAFé BuStElO 10 Oz. BRKPK. HEllMAnn’S MAYOnnAiSE 2 5 FOR WESSOn Oil VEGEtABlE 1 GAl. Btl. With add’l $10 Purchase Regular, Extra light, or Extra Virgin 6 99 Granulated DOMinO SuGAR 4 lB. BAG 1 FOR 99 GOYA BEAnS 15 Oz. CAn Assorted Varieties FiliPPO BERiO OliVE Oil (Excluding Pies) Donuts, Cookies, little Bites, or 99 99 Farm Raised, Fresh All 2X liquiD DEtERGEnt 26-32 load 5 25.3 Oz. Btl. EntEnMAnn’S CAKES 7.2-26.5 Oz. BOXES Wishing you Sweet Memories, On Mother’s Day Mom! and Always! 5 4 FOR 99 ¢ 3 99 Assorted Varieties 3 46.5-50 Oz. BtlS. DAWn DiSH liquiD 8 Oz. Btl. 99 tOStitOS tORtillA CHiPS XXl lay’s French Onion Dip (15 Oz. Jar); tostitos Salsa or Dips (15-15.5 Oz. Jar); Dipetizer (2.94 Oz. Box); or 9 $ FOR SWORDFiSH StEAKS lb. Wild Caught, Frozen Farm Raised, thawed 9 99 8 3 99 99 AtlAntiC SAlMOn FillEt lb. 5 PERDuE BAR-B-q CHiCKEn Allen’s or 1% low Fat, 2% Reduced Fat, or Whole 2 6 9-13 Oz. BAG MIX or MATCH Croissant, lean or 99 AMiSH COuntRY FARMS ORGAniC MilK ea. ORGANIC Oven Roasted & lean RuSSER ROASt BEEF tilAPiA FillEt lb. FinlAnDiA SWiSS CHEESE imported: Pepper Jack, lacy Swiss, Sandwich Swiss or 8 2% low Fat or 4% Regular Cottage Cheese (16 Oz.Cntr.); Squeeze (14 Oz. tube); Regular or light 3 99 1 99 1/2 Gal. Cntr. 3 $ 6 FOR HOt POCKEtS 9 Oz. Boxes Homestyle or Buttermilk 99 lb. DAiSY SOuR CREAM 14 Oz. tube 6 99 KRASDAlE PREMiuM ORAnGE JuiCE Premium Not From Concentrate 59 Oz. Btl. (Excluding All natural & Gelato) Yogurt, Sherbet or 2 $ 3 FOR KRASDAlE PAnCAKES 14.8 Oz. Boxes lb. 2 $ 5 FOR tuRKEY Hill iCE CREAM 2 $ 7 FOR Presented by 1.5 qt. Cntrs. Wishing you Sweet Memories, Mom! On Mother’s Day and Always! Celebrate Mom with sweet products, prices, and prizes! Enter for a chance to take Mom on a memorable weekend in our Mother’s Month Sweepstakes! Grand PrizE: Take Mom on a Sweet Weekend Getaway! $1,000 gift certificate toward a vacation she’ll never forget! (1 winner) FirSt PrizE: Mother’s Day Shopping Spree -$300 gift certificate toward a sweet gift at her favorite store! (2 winners) SECond PrizE: Make Mom a Special Dinner & Dessert -Find the ingredients for a special dinner and dessert with a $200 in-store gift certificate! (3 winners) CtownSuPErMarkEtS.CoM *no purchase necessary. See rules for details. Go online to enter and view prize rules and information. Effective 4/21/17-5/18/17. Not responsible for typographical errors. Some illustrations used in this circular are for design purposes only & do not necessarily represent items on sale. Sale items limited to 1 per family unless otherwise noted. Items & prices effective in this store only. Not all items available in all locations. Beverage deposits not applicable in N.J., Housewares and H.& B.A. are at the stores with items. © Alpha I Marketing Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without the express written consent of Alpha I Marketing Inc. is strictly prohibited. Prices Effective Fri., April 28th thru Thurs., May 4th 2017. Suburban Basic. Prices available at this location only. S41-B-P1

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